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Category : 2016 ROTM Archive

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When your friends from younger school days unexpectedly hit 10 million+ views on one of your first released music videos (“Gooey”) and reach 7 million listeners on Spotify just a few years later, there's an unspoken understanding that there is something crazy good happening to you all. Glass Animals create and own a unique sound, where songs instantly catch your ear with tribalistic beat intros and with melodies that blend variations of mellow and upbeat electronics to steady rock rhythms. How to be a Human Being is a trip into a Glass Animals-invented world: an album where each song shares a new person’s story, mostly from the first person point-of-view, sung with a unique voice recorded to sound like the invented character, and a musical world built around each persona. It's a unique album we think everyone should own.

VMP Edition Features
- 1LP coral blue vinyl
- Gatefold jacket with VMP Exclusive die-cut + album art
- Fold-out poster & download card
- 12” x 12” original art print by Whoopi + Myk courtesy of Tumblr IRL


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