Ed Schrader's Music Beat 'Riddles' Edit

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Riddles contains an overwhelming sense of electric paranoia, bursting at the seams with clouds of distortion and angsty echoing vocals. Creators Ed Schrader and Devlin Rice teamed up with the electronic-pop artist (and their close friend) Dan Deacon, who helped them produce, arrange, and co-write the record. During the writing process, each of them tapped into heavy life experiences that had changed them forever. Emotions that were bottled up, unresolved, or still raw boiled over for the artists in their own way, finally being confronted through noise. Riddles has evidently been a must-needed cathartic release for its creators, and listeners too can totally reach that headspace for themselves. Whatever brings you to listen, Riddles can help you through the worst of the worst, or simply serve as a really tight soundtrack for your day.


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