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If you haven’t heard of Honey Radar, you are forgiven. The way things were going with this project, only a handful of the faithful could get a taste at all. Beginning as a solo project for musician Jason Henn, Honey Radar’s previous output – and we’re talking about the sum total of copies in existence – could probably fill up a small pallet of cardboard boxes. His debut album (2014’s Chain Smoking on Easter) topped out at a whopping 250 copies, leaving in its wake a steady trickle of CD-Rs and handmade, lathe-cut 7” EPs with release quantities of no greater than 50 apiece … and often a great deal less.

It’s difficult to gauge the reasoning behind such secrecy, outside of meager economics, but once you listen to the new Honey Radar album Blank Cartoon, you’ll be out there looking for the rest. Raised in the college town of Richmond, IN, Henn began Honey Radar at an indeterminate date (he says “probably 2005”) as one of several outlets for his music. Some time after, Henn moved to Philadelphia, where trickles of interest led to him piecing together a five-piece live band and playing locally. Their reputation grew as performers while Henn grew as a songwriter, penning dozens of psychedelic pop songs instilled with fragile beauty and blistering gouts of guitar feedback, songs akin to finding a beautiful flower pressed in a book, then cutting your finger on the gilded edge of the page.


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