Major Murphy 'No. 1' (Pink Vinyl) Edit

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For the Grand Rapids trio Major Murphy, they take the power of playing music together seriously. This tight-knit band is closer to that of family, piling into a light-blue Plymouth Voyager van whenever they tour. When it comes to recording music, this group mentality still rings true. For their debut full-length album No. 1, they intended to focus on what they do in their live performances, and try to replicate that in the studio. Nearly every track was recorded live, capturing the natural exchanges between each musician. When you listen, it’s obvious how they naturally vibe off each other; they pass the torch on lead vocals, and also establish foundations for each other to riff upon. With No. 1’s synthy grooves, 1970s-esque reverb, and twangy guitar, the listener is transported to the headspace of old-fashioned radio rock tunes. It’s collaboration at its finest, and the members of Major Murphy make it look so easy. Listeners can be assured that even when they’re listening to the album at home, they’re super close to the sound of a live performance, courtesy of the artists themselves.


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