Courtney Barnett 'Tell Me How You Really Feel' (Metallic Silver Vinyl, LTD. to 1,000) Edit

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Courtney Barnett fans are used to the subsequent symptoms that her music evokes: melted hearts, whiplash, restless feet--and occasionally watery eyes. The case remains the same for her newest record, Tell Me How You Really Feel. Barnett is back with her punchy instrumentals and whip-smart lyrics. Her previous record was arguably more introspective; now, she turns the spotlight to those around her. In her lyrics she jabs at themes of male aggression, but also comments on others in a broader sense, like manipulative people. There’s a real sense of assertiveness and grit in this record that’s exemplary of Barnett as an individual. She’s highly observant and genuine, and unapologetically so, and that’s reflected in the music she puts out into the world. For us listeners, our prescription is to sit and listen. We could all learn a thing or two from her.
Tell Me How You Really Feel is now available on metallic silver vinyl.


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