Frank Sinatra 'The Voice of Frank Sinatra' (70th Anniversary, 10", LTD. to 1,000) Edit

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A faithful recreation of the first LP ever made, this 70th-anniversary edition of ‘The Voice of Frank Sinatra’ comes in a package that best replicates the album as it was when it was released in 1948. From the package to the size, this is the most faithful recreation of the first LP ever.

Note: The original recording sessions for this album were made on lacquer coated 16-inch recording discs, which have deteriorated over the last 70+ years due to use and the chemical composition of the lacquer compound. This deterioration has manifested as noticeable sonic blemishes that affect the clarity of the recording: specifically, a light “swishing” or “rubbing” sound. Despite our best efforts, some anomalies cannot be removed without seriously compromising the integrity of the music. When listening, please remember the age of these recordings, their historical and musical significance, and that any noises or defects you hear are inherent in the original masters and are not due to a problem or defect with this newly minted vinyl reproduction. Limited to 1,000 copies, this 10” album is a must-have for vinyl history buffs and Sinatra fans alike.


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