Kamaal Williams 'The Return' (Red Vinyl LTD. to 500) Edit

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Product Description

Although The Return is Kamaal Williams (AKA Henry Wu)’s debut album, he’s actually had some solid experience in the contemporary jazz scene. He previously played along with Yussef Dayes in their group Yussef Kamal, and released the record Black Focus back in 2016. Now in 2018, Williams is back with fresh material. To listeners, Williams’ sound as a solo artist is still reminiscent of Yussef Kamal, but also possesses elements that are entirely his own. The Return has a foundation of jazz-funk themes, layered with a “Londoner’s twist” of hip-hop beats that are iconic of the city’s southern region. The record strikes a balance between the freedom of improvisation, but also contains intricacies that feel deeply calculated and planned. Williams has successfully created a record that listeners can spend time with and enjoy picking apart. The Return is currently available on red vinyl.


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