King Tuff 'The Other' (Clear Vinyl w/ Blue + Gold Melt, LTD to 600) Edit

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Kyle Thomas--AKA King Tuff--felt he needed to do a self check-in after years of being on the road. The persona of King Tuff was appealing to audiences, but over time Thomas began to feel he lost touch with himself as an artist. He used the release of his newest record, The Other, as a kind of creative reset. Thomas likens the album’s title to the idea of a siren leading one to creative rebirth, rather than danger. The new songs ditch the goofy rock-and-roll bacchanalia narratives of earlier records in favor of expansive arrangements, a diversity of instrumentation, and lyrics that straddle the fence between painful ruminations and a childlike, creative energy untarnished by cynicism. The soulful and cosmic new direction is apparent from the album’s first moments: introduced by the gentle ringing of a chime, acoustic guitar, and warm organ tones, The Other is a narrative of redemption born of creativity.


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