Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan 'Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan' (180g Black Vinyl, LTD. to 1000) Edit

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Product Description

‘Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan’ was originally recorded in 1964 and released under Atlantic Records. It features Max Roach on drums, Hasaan Ibn Ali on piano and Art Davis on bass. As far as the relationship between Roach and Ali went, the two were relatively opposite of one another, particularly in their recognition. Roach was considered a main founder of bebop and collaborated with huge names in jazz, like Miles Davis and Duke Ellington. Ali’s only released recording of his music is this very record, which is unfortunate to fans who wish to hear more of what he had to offer. However, in the space of this album, notoriety isn’t important. Roach and Ali vibe off of each other so well; Roach masterfully approaches his playing with enthusiasm and brightness, while Ali uses intense and unique melodies that add a special flair to the overall sound. They fight energy with energy, but it never becomes overwhelming. And all the while, Davis grounds them with the beat of his steady bass. This reissue of ‘Max Roach Trio Featuring The Legendary Hasaan’ is a one-of-a-kind record, a rare session that deserves a listen.

This is the first reissue of the album since it’s release. Recently remastered, it features liner notes from Ben Ratliff.


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