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Suzie McDermott, known as Suzi Wu is an unapologetically direct artist, as the lead-in vocals for the title track suggest: “Ashes to ashes/ Dust to dust/ The guys are fuckboys/ Girls are sluts.” At only 19 years old, Suzi Wu already has the attitude of a seasoned artist, and a sense of self-awareness that’s clearly reflected in her work. On her EP, Teenage Witch, Wu growls domineering lyrics in her slight Cockney accent over DIY hip-hop-esque backing tracks, giving her sound a surefire frankness. She navigates listeners through the choppiness of an emotional flood, and the inner paranoia that comes along with it. As for the name “Teenage Witch”, Wu was drawn to the cultural history and loaded meaning of the symbol, and how it stands for powerful women, but particularly those on the outskirts of society. Teenage Witch possesses a kind of grit where listeners can practically see Wu ravagely chewing up her problems and spitting out the bones. All tracks were written by Suzie McDermott herself, except “Teenage Witch”, written alongside William Brooks, and “Jockey Full of Bourbon”, written by Tom Waits. All tracks were produced by Suzi Wu and biLLLy, mixed by biLLLy and mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD Mastering. Teenage Witch EP is available on limited-edition sea glass vinyl.

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