emoniFela 'Day Camp for Dreamers'(Highlighter Yellow Vinyl, LTD to 500) Edit

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EmoniFela wrote her first poem around the age of 10, and came up on the DC poetry scene, naturally transition to making music and the age of 14. Now at the age if 27, she’s releasing her first full-length, an energetic hip hop album that pushes boundaries — not for the sake of pushing boundaries, but for the sake of artistic play. She made a 10-track day camp, a celebration of thought and experiment. Explaining the album’s concept, she told Vinyl Me, Please, “Kids have learning centers, science fairs and art classes. For adults, we have it too, but you gotta pay $200 for it. What if there was literally a center, a place or a camp, a day camp — since we all have jobs and kids and we probably can't go away — what if there was just literally one day that somebody gave you and said, 'Look, let's focus on your dream. We gonna change your life in 12 hours.'”


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