MF Doom 'Special Herbs Vol 7 & 8' Edit

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Category : Hip Hop

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MF Doom knows how to keep the momentum going. Still working under the name Metal Fingers, Doom opens up the Special Herbs series to Vol. 7 & 8. Right out the gate, listeners glide into the opening track, picking up the pace of the previous album. It’s dreamy and airy, with the occasional drum beat or snare sample that cuts through the haze. Vol. 7 & 8 is all about flow. If you’re not paying attention, however, the experience can feel something like spacing out on your way home from work: you’re in one spot, and suddenly you’re home, with no recollection of how you got there. Vol. 7 & 8 is definitely an album to chill out to, but make sure to keep an ear out for Doom’s subtle choices. They can sneak up on you, but are too good to miss. Special Herbs Volume 7 & 8 includes a limited-edition bonus 7”.


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