MF Doom 'Special Herbs Vol 9 & 0' Edit

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Category : Hip Hop

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MF Doom ends the Special Herbs series on a high note with Vol. 9 & 0, under the moniker Metal Fingers. He embraces parts of the old and new, with pieces of KMD thrown into the mix. This last crop of tracks also includes samples that are reminiscent of 1950’s superhero TV shows--in keeping with MF Doom’s artistic persona. With Vol. 9 & 0, nothing’s off-limits. If you don’t believe us, Sesame Street’s own Bert and Ernie make their way onto the record. And MF Doom makes it work so damn well. This time around, Special Herbs matures into a final collection of tracks that arguably has the most punch, eccentricity, and confidence of any in its series. But you can draw your own conclusion. Finish your listening party strong, and give Vol. 9 & 0 the attention it deserves. Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 0 includes a limited-edition bonus 7”.

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