MF Doom 'Special Herbs Volume 3 & 4' Edit

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Category : Hip Hop

Product Description

MF Doom continues his Special Herbs series under his moniker, Metal Fingers, in Vol. 3 & 4. Besides the herbal titles, this double LP possesses a similar feel and origin to its previous volumes, particularly in the arrangement of Doom’s sampling. At times it feels as though somebody’s fiddling with the radio, abruptly hopping from one track or sample to the next. But each time a switch or a new feature takes place, it’s smoother and spacier than the last--and Doom always finds a way to bring it back home in resolve. In addition to the usage of a bit more vocal tracks this time around, Doom doesn’t hesitate to pull from even grander ‘70s pieces that feel straight out of a TV drama. Vol. 3 & 4 takes the ingredients of its predecessor and switches up the mix just enough to keep us on our toes. Special Herbs, Vol. 3 & 4 comes as a double LP with a yellow cover, including a limited-edition bonus 7”, featuring two beats from Doom’s days as a member of 90s hip-hop trio, KMD.


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