MF Doom 'Special Herbs Volume 5 & 6' Edit

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Category : Hip Hop

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Metal Fingers, one of MF Doom’s monikers, returns to the Special Herbs series with Vol. 5 & 6. This is a continuation of the series of instrumental works inspired by herbs or other flora. It’s undeniable though--Vol. 5 & 6 is an album that epitomizes the sound of leisure. It’s easy to envision this as the soundtrack to an afternoon laying out at the park or a night drive. Doom unfailingly arranges and intermingles samples that fit so well together, it’s hard to imagine them in their original contexts. On top of that, Doom layers stripped-down tracks--like retro keys or a steady base--in a way that allows listeners to pick apart pieces that are strong enough to hold their own. It’s really hard to avoid cliche here; MF Doom seems to not only be transparent with the quality of ingredients he puts into each track, but he also repeatedly shows listeners what amazing things can result in the simplicity and calculatedness of his composition. Special Herbs Volume 5 & 6 comes in a red cover and includes a limited-edition bonus 7”.

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