Fred McDowell 'Mississippi Delta Blues' (Grey Vinyl w/Black Smoke, LTD. to 750) Edit

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From the Liner Notes of this album, our 750-unit exclusive of Fred McDowell’s Mississippi Delta Blues:
The present LP was recorded by Alan Bates in Como, Mississippi, late in 1965, and certain technical difficulties were ably overcome. “I make my guitar say just what I say,” McDowell told one British critic and the first track, “Some Day Baby,” proves his point. There is some stunning bottleneck playing on this track and the voice and guitar are more in the nature of a duet than the standard vocal with accompaniment. “Milk Cow Blues” and “The Train I Ride” highlight the strongly rhythmic quality of McDowell’s guitar playing, while “Over The Hill” is a gospel performance by Fred’s wife, Annie McDowell, that is curiously moving despite the fact that her voice is a slight one. “Goin’ Down To The River” lasts almost eight minutes but McDowell sustains it well, while variety is provided by a fine, rhythmic bottleneck solo on “I Wished I Were In Heaven Sitting Down.” Big Bill Broonzy’s “Louise” is the one track in which the guitar part is somewhat subordinate to the vocal, though even less so here than with many blues artists.

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