Little Simz 'Stillness in Wonderland' (2LP, Dark Green Vinyl, Gold Vinyl, Includes 7 Bonus Tracks) Edit

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Product Description

“Approaching a year after its release, Stillness in Wonderland remains a seminal work in the Little Simz oeuvre: it’s pensive when it should be, menacing when it needs to be, and lean in all the right places. Donning features from the likes of SiR, Syd, and Chronixx, the journey through wonderland finds Simz unflinchingly certain of claiming her destiny, yet consistently checking herself to remain who she’s always been. Throughout, a character named Cheshire checks in via interludes to remind Simz to “follow the white rabbit:” a metaphor she remains keen on. “Follow your intuition, follow your gut,” Simbi says. “Feeling like whatever you feel is in your calling… don’t ignore the signs.” The album begins with Simz conjuring the ancestors and indicting our ideas of justice on “LMPD” and bookends with the somber “No More Wonderland,” Simz declaring her exit from the allure of this zone since her people need her. It’s unclear if the wonderland serves her right or lulls her too deeply within, but the sum of its parts find Simz interrogating trust issues, failed romance, cycles of depression and the ills of the industry.”

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This edition comes on dark green and gold vinyl, and includes 7 bonus tracks.


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