Various Artists 'This Record Belongs To' (Red + White Swirl Vinyl, LTD to 1,100) Edit

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Product Description

* VMP Exclusive Pressing
* White and Red Swirl Vinyl, LTD to 1,100
* Foil Stamped Numbering
* Includes Coloring Book + Sticker Pack

“What if your favorite children’s book were not only a timeless story but came with a soundtrack of tunes that kids and grown-ups alike would love? Hold onto your boots… it’s here! This Record Belongs To______ is the antidote to your standard kids compilations. You won’t find boy bands, princesses, or purple dinosaurs here. Instead the record consists of two halves–an upbeat side for daytime dancin’ and a mellow side for bedtime lullabies. Among the many gems featured include songs from Carole King, Woody Guthrie, Donovan, Harry Nilsson, Jerry Garcia, Nina Simone, Kermit The Frog and more.” —Light in the Attic Records

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