Willie Nelson 'The Words Don't Fit the Picture' (Salt & Pepper Vinyl, Ltd. to 1,000) Edit

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“His 1972 album, the last recorded for RCA, *The Words Don’t Fit The Picture*, is often written out of Willie’s career arc, forgotten unjustly, along with multiple albums from his RCA days, as the albums he had to make to satisfy his contract, and not the best music he could make. Sure, *The Words Don’t Fit The Picture* is not his seminal mid-'70s albums, but leaving it to the vagaries of forgotten history isn’t right either. Willie might have hated the Countrypolitan sound, but *The Words Don’t Fit the Picture* might be one of that production technique’s finest achievements; a delicate, heartfelt album that showcases a part of Willie that is often lost in the perception of him as a tax-dodging pothead: the softie who could write the best love—and heartbreak—songs in all of music. And in a lot of ways, the version of Willie that’s ascended to icon status has roots in this album.”

Read more here: https://www.vinylmeplease.com/magazine/words-dont-fit-the-picture

We have it on salt and pepper vinyl.


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