Caroline Rose 'Loner' (White/Red Marbled Vinyl, LTD to 500) Edit

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Product Description

There’s something inherently unhinged about Caroline’s persona that shines into her second release. She’s always seen in her signature red, which spills beyond her garments and into her album covers and music videos. In her press photo, she stares into the camera, holding a color swatch of red with “CR was here” scrawled at the bottom. Her sound on Loner’s equally vibrant—a rockabilly core with a synth-pop-y exterior glossed with a sheen of honey-thick soul—and well, just a good fucking time through and through. That doesn’t mean Loner’s core doesn’t run the gamut of humanity’s trials and tribulations: misogyny, capitalism, death, depression, loneliness. But there’s a lightness to it all—a third-party amusement from the deeply personal perspective of Rose that’s fast and loose and, honestly, just a relief to listen to in an age of doom and gloom. We have it on red and white vinyl.


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