Returns + Damages Policy

Damage Policy

If you ever (God forbid) receive a damaged record from VMP, we have a very generous replacement policy. If the record is damaged in any way, we will send a replacement out to you.

We do, however, reserve the right to have discretion on whether or not we’ll issue a replacement for minor issues such as cosmetic creases etc. The only time that we will not replace a damaged product is if it's a product with limited quantity. Don’t worry, we’ll still make it right through a refund or credit. Send an email to (with an attached video + photo if possible) and we’ll address it within 48 hours.

Return Policy

Sometimes you might receive a record that is not to your liking (outside of damages). While we hope that you can give the album a couple of listens before making your verdict, we unfortunately do not accept returns on any of our records. This is due to return shipping cost and to avoid damages on the return trip, along with a couple quality control reasons.

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Please send all questions and issues to:

Damages + Returns FAQ’s

  • I received a record that, after listening to, I no longer want, what are my options?
    As mentioned above, we do not accept returns, so we ask that you give the record a couple more spins. We pride ourselves in selecting great albums we think our members should have in their record collection. If you absolutely do not want the record in your collection, gift the record to a fellow vinyl lover - or you can sell it on discogs, our records usually run for 25% higher than MSRP.
  • I received a damaged record :( Should I return this to receive a replacement?
    If you ever receive a damaged record, shoot an email over to (with an attached photo + video if possible), and we can get a replacement copy sent out to you asap. We do not accept returns, so just hang onto it.
  • I was sent the wrong record? Is there a return label that I can receive to send them back?
    While this rarely happens, sometimes you may receive the wrong record or one that you never ordered. No need to panic! Send an email over to, and we will make it right. As far as the records received in error, just hold onto them, on us. This is one of those times where the members get to benefit off of our mistakes :)